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13 thoughts on “REVIEW

  1. Been using the EA which has been performing flawless so far. It has a reasonable risk:reward ratio so its good that way too.

    I really like how the developer is always working on this and help me with quick support.

    Tremendous service all around, can’t believe there is no monthly fee for it.

  2. I have been using BTCFXEA on my live account for the past 4 months. This is a powerful product and the support is excellent. I have lost only 2 trades over this period. With default setting of 100% accuracy it trades very excellence. This is a very reliable product. I bought the priority packages for full support.

  3. Iam anton from new zealand and this is a very awesome (no ifs or buts)
    greed is the enemy i choose safe settings and take only 40% profit per month and move on
    awesome on my account
    anton: new zealand

  4. I invested and got great deals from BTCFXEA. Now I have the robot and I can use it for all of my accounts. I find it reliable since my earnings are so much better than before!

  5. Good job even in Bitcoin trade. This is not just a mining Technic. I will say to who see my post to buy this EA immediately or you will regret of your losses.

  6. Your EA is really an excellent System. The performance is amazing.
    It kind of feels that you are doing any unique
    trick. Also, The results are unbelievable. you have done
    an excellent task on this EA!
    My account update get $10k with only $500 deposit

  7. I always used to trade manually by reading a news but now as I am a house wife from now I am using this EA to trade on my account and it really save a lot of my time.
    thanks to you guys who develop this EA.

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