What is a 'Managed Account'

A managed account is an investment account that is owned by an individual investor and overseen by a hired professional money manager or trader. Which are professionally managed on behalf of many mutual-fund holders, managed accounts are personalised investment portfolios tailored to the specific needs of the account holder. With a mutual fund, the account holder hires Money Manager who looks after investments in the fund's portfolio and may alter the fund's holdings in accordance with its objectives.

A managed account may hold assets, cash or title to property for the benefit of the client. The manager may buy and sell assets without the client’s prior approval, as long as the manager acts according to the client’s objectives.

What is a 'MAM (Multi Account Manager)'

A fund manager that allow to manage multiple accounts.

Worry about your deposit?

Your deposit CANNOT be withdrawn by a 3rd party, then it’s a rule of all brokers that only the account holder can withdraw the money. Even if we have your account password or other information, we can not process any withdrawals, only account holder can do it.

Want a great opportunity to establish your fund?

Yes, we are offering a great opportunity to establish your fund, enhanced your profit, and focus on Technical and Fundamental analysis while we take care of your account . Designed for both good profit for clients and well paid for Fund Manager, our Money Manager program delivers enhanced features and grater levels of controls all through an easy to access web-based solution.

Worry about the risk?

We trade very carefully. First we will start with a small order size, and after making some profits we increase the order size, but risk only the winnings, so your capital will be safe.

Still trading by yourself or manual trading

If you trade by yourself you will have a lot of works to make sure your PC and internet is working, you also need to understand every complicated trading program to run it. And finally you will lose everything.

Don’t have time to learn how to trade?

Let us trade for you and let the professional do the job and make profit. You just sit and watch your account grow up.


Minimum Deposit Upfront Fee before start trading
$5,000 $1,500
  • Download the LPOA form and read it carefully.
  • Send the form to:  after you have signed it.
  • All details about managed account are in the form. The minimum deposit is $5,000
  • $1,500 upfront fee before we start trading. Send it by Perfect Money or Bitcoin.
  • Our Profit Share is 50%
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
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