A little word about us. We united our efforts with a team of the brightest Bitcoin & Forex traders and programmers. Do not take it wrong. It's hard to be a pioneer in Forex and Bitcoin Trading. It's even harder to develop the great fully automated system in such market.

Yes, it was not easy. Over 2 years in development, plenty of trial and error. We really want to make it perfect and better in the future. Over 880 lines of code.
After sleepless nights and many times of testing in private groups. Finally we did it! It works and you can see the proof. Today, you can be a part of our success story!

As experienced traders we understand the risks and pitfalls of trading. We joined forces with passionate programmers and created BTC FX EA. Most of our clients learned Bitcoin and Forex trading the hard way, they lost. Are we any different? Guess not. We flunked many tests in the past and therefore decided to automate our trading, probably the same what most traders are thinking who just can’t seem to make trading profits.

So can an EA be profitable?

If we believed differently we wouldn’t be in this industry. We have seen EAs consistently making profit over the years and only the best Expert Advisors are offered through this website. So the EA developer sends it to us, we test it, we test it again and then we unanimously decide weather we want to make the EA public.

Our team is more than happy to assist you.